MentalUp – A Valuable Ally

If you are a parent to a kid with ADHD or simply with a hard time being interested in homework, then you should probably get to know MentalUp. As the importance of online education grows during this pandemic, this platform has become a valuable ally for millions of parents.

Dealing with ADHD

Since there are plenty of games and brain teasers in MentalUp, many professionals have started studying its effects using the scientific method. Although children with ADHD are indeed a challenge to engage, studies have found that these activities help them improve their ability to focus, while they learn.

This is due to the way the activities are designed as much as it is to the way they have used sound FX to keep the child’s attention and interest in the task. This is also a constant in all of MentalUp games that heavily rely on outstanding sound effects to increase the efficiency of each one of them.

Boosting the Sub-Skills

When children play whatever kind of game, they are developing what is known as sub-skills, which are all those little skills that make up for the set to develop the main one. For example, with certain writing games, they are developing the skill to be organized and also edit their work. This is without mentioning the skill to focus that is so enhanced.

Evolving with Your Kid

The platform is set up so that your kid’s performance is evaluated every step of the way and this information is used to determine what games and activities to do next. MentalUp is all about brain training and, as such, it provides a daily 20-minute long brain workout, along with the ability to keep track of your kid’s performance.

For all parents out there struggling with homeschooling children that find it hard to focus, MentalUp has become a most valuable ally. Without forcing your kid into boring tasks and fighting to get them to complete a single assignment, you boost their brain development and enhance cognitive skills while playing.

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