About Us

about deluxefxapp - About Us

DeluxeFX App is a site created to talk about this app that offers customers great visual effects, but we also cover a bit of the sound FX subject, particularly used for education.

Our Story and Our People

Cook Doris Armstrong found that the trend of uploading pictures of food to Instagram was something that she could use to promote her skills and perhaps open her eatery. Although taking pictures of food is one of the most difficult things to do, she came across the DeluxeFX app for her iPhone and was shocked to see the results.

It was this unexpected success that brought her to want to create this page and triggered her to research more about sound effects as well. Since she has very little knowledge of the latter, she recruited a couple of teachers that made an impact.

Our Mission

Striving to keep this website updated with the latest techniques to make the most out of visual and sound effects, is our top priority. Additionally, actively finding out more about the uses of special effects in education and sharing our findings with you to give you leverage in your related endeavors.

Keeping up with the changing times and including reviews that deal with the most used social media platforms and how visual FX play an important role in them.

Our Vision

We created this website aiming to give people a better understanding of the importance of adding visual and sound effects to their material. Being able to convey that you don’t have to be a professional to have a top-quality result, that you can take pictures and edit them into works of art.

We want everybody around the world to see that sound and visual effects are far from being for big cinematic productions, as they can enhance even the smallest learning game. DeluxeFX App will raise awareness about the fact that we should all be handling our images and sound better.

We can all contribute to improving the database we leave for future generations to learn about us and remember us.

Our Readers

Our readers are, oftentimes, people that have taken an amateurish road towards photography or music and find that through this app they can become professionals. With us, they have discovered that they do notneed fancy equipment and 10 different editing software programs to create a piece of work they can be proud of.