Top 5 Apps to Edit Video Using Your Smartphone

After getting used to how you can edit your photographs with DeluxeFX, you are probably looking for an app that does the same with your educational videos. iOS presents the opportunity to get plenty of great apps to edit videos and here are some that you can use on the go on your smartphone.


Brought to you by Vimeo and available in Apple Store you can access the most basic video editing tools through an intuitive interface that allows you to work seamlessly. You can export videos with up to 4k resolution and share them to Vimeo, after editing even the theme that you chose down to perfection.

Top 5 Apps to Edit Video Using Your Smartphone 1 - Top 5 Apps to Edit Video Using Your Smartphone


If you want to use the Apple suite’s video editor, this is a good choice for using on your iPhone. iMovie comes with newer iPhones and it allows you to export and import videos, adding basic transitions and arrange them with an intuitive interface that anybody can use.  Moreover, the app lets you add themes, text overlays, and some filters.


GoPro came up with this video editing software that will be of great help to turn separate videos and pictures into a single movie. This is easily done by importing the files you want to include, choosing the highlights you prefer and the app will create the movie using those guidelines. Of course, you can also add music and any kind of sound to your movie.

Once you have this done, you have the option of further editing such as adding effects and some text or even tweaking with the transitions. The app makes it easy for you to share the results on all your social media, even YouTube.


For those of you looking for the absolute best app and do not mind paying for it, this is the one you should try. You get an app that works smoothly without any kind of ads. LumaFusion allows you to edit your videos using portrait mode, landscape mode, and going from one another seamlessly.

Hence the app supports various aspect ratios, along with about 6 audio and video tracks, 6 tracks for narration, sound effects, and even music. If you think this sounds complicated to handle, then you should know that LumaFusion comes with a magnetic timeline that simplifies the process.

Additionally, you have access to plenty of transition effects that you can layer up, sound effects, royalty-free music, and many other excellent features.


This app allows you to record directly from it or import already recorded videos, which you can then edit to add some text or narration and merge together with other clips. Other features include transitions and tilt-shift. Videoshop also enables you to add any themes and filters you like, once you are done compiling the video.

Once you are happy with how your video turned out, you can easily upload it to your Dropbox and share it on YouTube, Instagram, and other well-known platforms.

These are all apps that run perfectly well on your iPhone, choosing one is only a matter of whether you want to pay and what toolsyou are looking for. Remember that you can always pic LumaFusion if you are looking for the most professional one and are ok with purchasing an app.